You rip what you sow and the seeds of limiting beliefs can grow into a forest that will anchor your life to a negative and even wrong perspective. Those limiting beliefs may hold you back and keep you from experiencing all the wonderful things that life has to offer.

Do your best to take out these 5 limiting beliefs from your life and to stop them from growing roots before it’s too late.

I assume that:

As much as it is important to have your own objective opinion, quite often we make bad decisions based on our wrong personal bias. For example, think about the last time you’ve met someone that turned out to be something completely different than what you’ve imagined him to be. (How to avoid them?). Or, you didn’t want to approach someone that you really liked because you assumed that they are already in a relationship\not intrested\you don’t have a chance.
The best tip I can give to avoid being too quick on the trigger of making any wrong assumptions is to remember this rule: ”When you assume, you make an ass out of U and Me” (Ass|u|me). This is a lesson well learned when I first started working in sales. Same goes for your goals and dreams in life.

What you should do instead? Before you come up with any decision, ask yourself this:
Is this right for me? Is this the truth or just a bias of my perception of the truth? What else do I need to know about this matter so I would be able to come up with the best belief that empowers me?
One of the best books that I recommend for you on overcoming this limiting belief is: “The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom” (A Toltec Wisdom Book):

I don’t know if I can do this:

This limiting belief is also known as: “I am not good enough”. Self-doubt is indeed a fierce enemy of being proactive and taking action toward a life of achievement and abundance. To fight this limiting belief, you will need to embrace the fact that you will always face uncertainty, this is just part of life and you have to realize that you will never know unless you give it a try. You never know if you like a certain food unless you try it for yourself. You will never know if that person is the love of your life unless you make the first approach and give it a chance. We all have an inner compass that guides us through intuition and 6th sense. Think about all the entrepreneurs like, Steve Jobs, H. Ford, the Wright brothers and all those who had a dream but were facing doubt and unfathomable uncertainty. They believed in their idea and they believed in themselves. I am sure there were times when they didn’t believe they could do it. But they kept on going and doing what they believed in because they knew that only by believing in your way won’t get you any closer to success, it’s only by taking actions and taking your chances. That is the main thing that matters.

Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back!

“I don’t know if I can do this” – Change it to “Yes I can”

Awaken the giant within by Tony Robins, one of the best life coaches out there. Reading his excellent book about chasing your dreams and overcoming limiting beliefs will definitely shed light in the right perspective.

The fear of failure:

Think of this in this way, if you would be handed everything on a silver platter and you will never have to work for anything in your life, would you appreciate what you have and achieved? How long will it last until you start feeling bored and unsatisfied again?
Failure is part of life and it teaches us a valuable lesson, that if you choose to ignore, you will doom to repeat them again and again. Accept the fact that there will be hurdles down the road and you won’t be able to win them all. Life involves a struggle, just think about how people are born. It’s a magical moment indeed, but let me tell something, there are no sunshine and rainbows, it’s a hard thing to watch and involves with A-L-O-T of pain and screaming. You won’t’ be able to win every battle in your life because you will run out of breath very quickly, you just need to remember to win the battle that matters to you the most.

Tip to remember:
Life is full of disappointments. You just have to deal with it. Stay away from misleading books\courses\gurus that promise you to get everything thing that you want while putting very little efforts. Like how to get any women to fall in love with you, or how to nail every sale. It is just not possible and unrealistically naive. Instead, you have to learn and make mistakes in order to refine your skills. I remember my first day in sales and I had to pick up the phone to make a call to a potential prospect. I was so nervous, my hands were sweaty, I’ve was barely able to dial the numbers on the phone and my voice was shaking. And you know what? Yes, I sucked, the client told me NO and even throw a negative remark on the product I was trying to sell. Do you know what happened? Nothing. The groud didn’t tare a hole and sucked me in and everything was just like before. But let me assure you that even after 7 years in sales, making countless calls, I still get a no (maybe not as much as before) but that’s o.k. I try to learn from my mistakes, avoid self-criticism and just keep pushing forward. Here is how I’ve reached 5.5M dollars in sales in just one year.

Think about this: You will always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.

Michael Jorden.

One of the best books that I recommend to fight this limiting belief is: “Think and Grow Rich“. By Napoleon Hill, where over a few decades he had done intensive research and accompanied some of the richest men at that time to find out if there is a secret to their phenomenal success. (The simple answer is, yes!).

I have to do everything by myself;

“If you want a thing done well, do it yourself”. Napoleon Bonaparte. Indeed a powerful statement coming from one of the most brilliant strategies of all times. The only question with this is, what happens when you lack the time or the skill set in order to make it happen? For example, let’s say that you want to run a successful business, but you don’t have a clue in marketing OR sales. Well, yes you can do it by yourself and learn all that there is to learn about those disciplines, maybe even take an MBA degree or some online courses, but do you have the time for it? Maybe it would be better for you to hire a pro who has dedicated his career in helping businesses like yours to grow and prosper?

I bet you are reading this and asking yourself: “I am so busy! There are tons of responsibilities and distractions that are fighting for my attention, how on earth can I ever squeeze even one shred of time to start doing more for my life?” Well, it’s all about setting up your priorities in life. If there is something that is important to you, you will find a way.

We all have 24 hours in a day, what you do with it is all up to you.
Ever since I’ve decided to ask for help was the time I began seeing some tremendous results in my life. Things started to roll out, whether if it was in sales, with my blog, relationship, education or in any other aspect of my life. I must admit that it’s always hard for me to be on the other side of asking help as I am used to be the one that people go to for help or guidance, but you know what? I came to think about it from a different perspective.

When you grant someone help you feel empowered and good about yourself, you feel needed and useful and this is a very satisfying feeling. So when I ask a piece of genuine advice or some help, I feel that in some way I am helping this person to feel better about themselves.
Think about the last you’ve made a good deed to help a person in need. How did you feel? Put that thought in mind next time when you feel stuck and just ask for help, I promise to you that it won’t diminish your self-esteem, on the contrary, it shows that you are human and you care for results.

When you grant someone help you feel empowered and good about yourself, you feel needed and useful and this is a very satisfying feeling.

Alex L.

You don’t have to do everything by yourself.
I strongly recommend you to read The 4-hour book by Tim Farriss where he shares his story of becoming a super successful entrepreneur working only 4 hours a week.(!) – I didn’t believe it until I’ve started using some of the great tips that he shares.

I don’t know what I want in life

It’s not a simple thing to know what you want in life. In fact, from an early age, we are used to be focussing on what we don’t want rather than what we do want.
Everyone wants practically the same things like ;being wealthy, look good, be in a positive relationship, do something meaningful, be acknowledged for our skills and be surrounded by friends & family we love. Sounds familiar right?
We are living in an age of endless possibilities and opportunities, the abundance is vast but it has its cruel price. The price of confusion and loss of direction.

Life is all about trial and error. It’s about choices and experiencing what life has to offer. I understand how you feel, we are surrounded by successful people that just know from an early age what they want. Just take a look at the social media profiles and you will see that everyone’s is doing something meaningful and have a crystal clear understanding of the path ahead of them. But you feel that you don’t have a clue.
Let me tell you something my friend, that’s totally o.k as there are a lot more people in their mid 50’s that still feel lost and don’t know what they want in life.

Where to go?
Many paths to choose from.

How to find your path in life and know what you want?
Take a piece of paper and just write down whatever you think can be an interesting direction in life. Ask yourself, what makes you happy? If you could do anything, what would you do? Then, pick just one thing that you think will have the most meaningful impact on your life and focus only on that for a while. Allow your self at least 21 days, and if it’s not yours just move on to your other thing on the list. You have to trust your inner intuition on this, it will lead you to find the right path.
Keep asking yourself this, “Am I happy with my current situation in life? Are there some aspects of my life that I would like to get better results? Is it, relationship? career? fitness? Put everything on writing and plan what is it that you would like to achieve. If you need any help to set up the right goals and focus, I am here for you.

  • Remember these tips:
  • Nothing is perfect and even the best career can leave you worn out and dissatisfied.
  • Once you found something you love and enjoy doing, keep at it and always try to raise the bar.
  • Just do it and try to get out of your comfort zone.
  • Don’t give up too soon and keep pushing forward, it’s your actions, not your words that make the best effect over your life.

Recommended book:
What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20: A Crash Course on Making Your Place in the World. A teacher shares her inspiring story of all the things that would have changed her life if only she knew them in her 20’s. Nicely written and the main moral of the story is that it’s never too late.

Wrapping things up:

Don’t let wrong assumptions, fear of failure or any other limiting belief to stop you from chasing your dreams. Remember, it’s not enough to get into the right mindset, you always have to be willing to face the effort of doing. Do more for your life, and remember that no one is going to do it for you.

Till next time, Alex Lyhovez.

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