Just Do it, because no one else is going to do it for you.

In life, there is always a reason we can all give for not achieving something that we had set out to achieve. At some point or the other, we have big plans for our lives; marriage, business or education are some of the goals that top our list of personal development agendas but did you know that only about 50% of dreams ever become reality? Life is not designed like a video game where you move along the course renewing your strength as you find boosters on the way but rather as a difficult course that has to be fought for every time. Unless you live in a fantasy world, you cannot draw the path of your life then sit back and enjoy the milestones.

Talking is one step in the right direction to accomplishing your goals because it helps you to articulate what you want. Have you ever met someone who ever since you knew then 10 or so years ago, they have been speaking about advancing their education or changing jobs? Well, as a listener you might think that is old news and might even be tempted to ask them why they have not doneit already. The excuse which most people give is time. I am waiting for the right time! I hate to burst your bubble, but that is like saying you are waiting for the right time to get sick. Most eventualities in life do not wait for the right time, so why should you? If you want to move forward in life, establish a timeline and whether the prerequisites work out or not, move!

Every so often, we place blame for missed opportunities on the wrong places. As you move through every day of life, it is important to realize that nothing happens to us if we do not allow it to happen. Success brings one of the sweetest feelings in the world yet many of us miss it because we are too comfortable in our current circumstances. Incompetence is in most cases a case of laxity combined with lack of motivation to change a situation. These are things we can alter by our own accord by changing our attitude yet people chose to be make excuses.

The power to succeed or fail lies within each and every one of us and the universe has a way of rewarding those who want it badly enough. Strive to change your circumstances, overcome yourobstacles and just do it! You will surely live long enough to enjoy the fruits.