Does failure is as predictable as success? If you will ask some of the most successful people in their field they will absolutely affirm you that by looking into your habits they can determine if you are on the right path to success or failure.

Through Domore4youlife you will learn, that success is predictable and can be copied if you are willing to make the effort and the commitment to leave your comfort zone.

A habit is a recurring pattern of behavior and a series of repeated actions.

What is a habit?

You can find a common ground between the most successful people in the world, here I have listed just 5 of their top habits, where I hope, that will guide you in building your own strong character and enhance your inner motivation to kick start some action towards success.

Proactive and Action Oriented

All highly successful people consider themselves as being action-oriented above all else. They like to take deliberate actions that get them one step closer towards their goals. In his great book, “ The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” being Proactive was listed as the no. 1 principle.
Successful people don’t just wait for their future to unfold. Instead, they’re proactively looking for ways to create new and inspiring opportunities. Successful Entrepreneurs, for example, work vigorously towards creating their own luck and are willing to face hardships because they know that they can’t wait for the opportunities to come knocking on their doors, instead they create their own door and invite the opportunities to come in.

Habbit no 1 of successful people
Sucessful people are proactive and action oriented. They embrace challanges.

Here is how you can do it:

  • The action-oriented mindset goes hand in hand with the ability to make decisions quickly, as Tony Robbins has mentioned in his best-selling book; Awaken the Giant Within:
    “Studies have shown that the most successful people make decisions rapidly because they are clear on their values and what they really want for their lives. The same studies show that they are slow to change their decisions, if at all. People who fail usually decide slowly and change their minds quickly, always bouncing back and forth. Just decide!”— p. 49
  • Successful people spend their time and energy on the things they can do something about and they don’t tend to worry about what is out of their control. They don’t go around and start blaming genetics, circumstances, or conditions, they embrace them and do everything they can to try to figure out new ways to make things happen with what they have.

Focused and Persistent

I’ve heard this expression coming from some of the best in their league: ” Half-ass efforts bring half ass results“. You need to be 100% focused on your top goals and core values. Though success depends on a wide range of variables, focus and commitment will always have a crucial role in changing your life.

Think about it in this way, without a strong commitment, you will give up as soon as you will face your first obstacle or a significant hurdle. It’s easy to be super motivated when you’re just starting off. You feel empowered and excited, willing to tear down the sky in making it happen. However, success and achievement rarely come to those who are only motivated, there is a lot of sweat and tears involved in the process. If you are not willing to commit and devote your self for this goal, then this path may not be the right for you.

Take my blog, for example, DoMore4YourLife, writing this blog on the weekends, spending my spare time in making it happen without earning any income at the beginning and focusing on quality content, is thought. But I’ve made a commitment to myself, no matter how long it will take, I will make it happen because this is my dream and I am willing to work my ass off to achieve it.

Keep this in mind:

  • Highly successful people have a solid sense of determination.
    They have embedded persistence into their subconscious mind and therefore are, psychologically speaking, more prepared for the downs in life. They continuously work their way towards making things happen.
  • Another super useful habit of top successful people is making a list of things to do in order to force themselves to stay focused on those tasks only. Therefore, every time when they take a look at the to-do list they are brought back to what they really should be doing and how to achieve those goals. (Check out my post on: “Top 5 Productivity Books“, those books helped me a lot with effective time management and setting up goals for my business.)

without a strong commitment, you will give up as soon as you will face your first obstacle or a significant hurdle

They Don’t See Failure as Most People Do

Unsuccessful people fear failure and let that dread to keep them out from trying to leave their comfort zone. Successful people, on the other hand, don’t let that fear of failure to stop them and go head first to make it happen. Rather than being afraid they embrace that fear and turn it into an ally, they don’t forget to ask themselves what is the lesson they’ve learned from this experience and what they can do differently next time they try. You have to remember, there is no reward without risk. So what if you’ve failed? the true failure in life is if you will miss to learn the lesson from this experience and stop trying.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” 

― Thomas A. Edison .

How to start working on this habit;

  • Successful people are willing to take risks to get ahead. However, the trick is remembering that not every risk pans out. Failure is part of life. Just don’t let it discourage you. Instead, use it as a learning experience. Figure out what went wrong and avoid making that error again next time.
  • If you wish to learn how to become bolder and learn how to take educated risks, you can do it with a one step at a time method. When you take a risk, you learn how to walk away from your familiar path and discover new adventures for you to grow. Do something small that can teach you something, like investing 100 USD in a stock that you’ve researched, or maybe start your own side blog with a small investment, you can never know where it will lead you.
  • The greatest journeys in life start with just one step, but you have to be willing to take that step and leave your comfort zone.

Never-Ending Improvement and Life Long Learning

One of the factors that determine your success in life is the power of never-ending learning. The moment you stop to learn, you stop to grow. This habit will not only help you to become a better version of yourself but also it is good life advice for you to follow if you don’t want to wake up one day and realize that you’ve been replaced by robots.
Highly successful individuals keep on pushing and expanding their comfort zone by stepping into uncharted territory which makes them feel alive and really broadens their horizon. By doing so, they learn to see things from other perspectives than they are used to, and every single time they push themselves they grow as a person. Life is super dynamic and constantly changing, the only way for us to stay before the currents of change is by learning and growing. Don’t get left behind.

Pro tip:

  • Check out e-learning platforms like Coursera, Lynda, Skillshare, Udemy, and others for topics that interest you the most. You can learn from home in your spare time by following your own pace.
  • Encourage yourself in taking some time during the week to dedicate yourself to learn something new. Can you spare an hour or two per week? Try to learn something that can help you with your next adventure.

Avoiding Toxic People

Highly successful individuals don’t go and waste their precious time by associating themselves with negative and toxic people because they don’t want to be influenced by negative thinking. They can’t afford that. If you hang around too often with people that only see the limits and the downsides of everything you do, you won’t be able to build your own growth mentality and to start taking actions towards success.

Here is a lovely post I’ve written on how to avoid toxic people.

One last advice for the road:

“I have learned that champions aren’t just born; champions can be made when they embrace and commit to life-changing positive habits.”

―Lewis Howes

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