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Thank you for touching down on Do More 4 Your Life, I hope this blog will trigger your inner motivation to do more and talk less.

Before you continue, please take a look at the following questions, they will help you to understand if this blog is what you’ve been looking for:

Are you looking for a steady income from making money online without leaving your 9-5 job? OR maybe starting a small side gig that can grow into a potential business venture?

Are you fed up with “get rich quick” schemes and gurus that promise you to make money online for hundreds of dollars?

Have you ever wondered how multi-billion digital marketing companies are able to generate those C-R-A-Z-Y sums of revenues? What works for them and what doesn’t? What are their best practices using top-notch digital strategies?

Have you ever wondered how can you generate sales using the most up-to-date techniques, what works on B2B/B2C sales? How to generate high converting leads to income? What kind of state of mind do you need to assimilate in order to become a top performer?

How to create a digital marketing strategy and execute it with a strict (sometimes almost zero-cost) budget that is performance oriented and will help to boost your site’s traffic, engagement and drive more sales?

Last but not least, are you looking for a place with people that are like you, that craving for a better future for them and their families, to get your hands on great tips/shortcuts and legitimate ways to make extra income on your spare your?


Then you’ve come to the right place and I welcome you to stay.

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How is this site different from all the rest of the personal development and Make money online out there?

I will tell what this site is not about, this site is not about “get rich quick”, you won’t find any kind of courses/products/services of “I’ll teach you to be rich, just give me your money and I will show you my secret formula”, Hell No! I’ve been in this industry for a long time and the amount of B. S out there is practically endless and don’t get me starting to say about how overwhelming it can be with all the flood of information we exposed to on the internet today.


This site is dedicated to those who are not afraid of hard work and invest time in making things happen. It took me several years and a boatload of money I have invested to find out the best practices of utilizing digital marketing and sharpening my sales techniques that, if being followed, you can achieve tremendous results in your business, career and in other interpersonal aspects of your life.


Unlike many so-called gurus and other claims to be professional digital marketing/sales, I’ve been working for a public traded company that is doing performance marketing /digital marketing at its core. I am not a guru and I don’t have any intention to become one.


I’ve been helping ad-tech companies and startups to exceed their sales and marketing goals for over 6 years. I have helped companies to reach millions of dollars in revenue. Do you want to know how I did it?



Before you continue reading, please note this:

I will not, and please never ask me to, share any inside information.


This is not my style. I will never put my name on a bad reputation.

But what I can share is this:

Here are just a couple of things you’ll learn here:

  • Valuable insights of a leading/public traded companies that are making hundreds of millions of dollars from digital/performance marketing.
  • I will share my experience, taking everything I’ve learned from my day-to-day job, advising for startups, small businesses and share it here.
  • How to build a sales team that is self-driven and goal oriented?
  • What does it take to be a top performer in sales?
  • What is working in the cluttered digital marketing space and how you can make extra income while keeping your day job? (Or earn enough to fire your boss).
  • Best practices that will help you in building your marketing strategy.
  • Getting traffic and growing your blog audience
  • Using Facebook/Google ads and other forms of paid media to get more results to your ROI, A/B testing and
  • SEO tips from the industry leading professionals
  • Monetization your blog with affiliate marketing and other sources that methods that are being used by Super affiliates / top leading performance agencies.
  • How to become more productive, increase your self-awareness, quit your bad habits, build your online business and so much more…


Is it easy to start a blog? Well, I think the best quote on writing I know belongs to Red Smith.

Red Smith was asked if turning out a daily column wasn’t quite a chore.

” Why, no,” “You simply sit down at the typewriter, open your veins, and bleed.”


Is it complicated to make money online? No. Does it require time, determination and constant effort to make it work for you? Absolutely.


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My name is Alex, I am 31 years old, in September 32 🙂 (wow time flies) living in the beautiful city of Tel Aviv, Israel (also called the startup nation). I’m a marketing professional, sales oriented, online entrepreneur and an avid autodidact, working in the online marketing ecosystem and enjoying every day. I am working in the online marketing and the startups echo system for more than 6 years and working in sales for over 8 years. I’ve helped to build new products, departments, explore new markets and reaching the highest sales goals.My goal and dream are to inspire people and help them get the most of their potential. I believe in smart and proactive efforts in achieving success in life and career. I believe that if you really want to achieve anything in your life, first you need to put your mind to it (awareness) and getting out from your comfort zone (doing).


What do you enjoy writing about; I like to write about online marketing, sales, growth hacking, personal development, history, psychology, fitness, personal finance, interesting and inspiring stories about people that made an impact and just about everything that life has to offer. I enjoy learning, whether if it’s something new about any particular subject Or learning a new skill that can serve me now and in the future. I am always looking for new ways too far stretch and get out from my comfort zone.


Achievements I am especially proud of during my career and life, by the age of 31 (2017):

  • No brainer here. After a long period of dating, a couple of long-term relationships with my Ex-Girlfriends, I was fortunate to find my true love in life and marry her.
  • I have 3 degrees. A practical diploma in Electronic engineering diploma, a B.A in Economy & Business administration and MBA in business management.


  • I speak fluently 3 languages and now I learn Spanish. (This is one top my goals for 2018).


  • I am a super autodidact: I have invested in hundreds of hours in online and educational courses. I can say easily that I’ve invested as much money in taking external courses as my B.A in university. Here is a quick list of some of the courses that I paid and learned: SEO, Email Marketing, Sales, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, eCommerce, Day trading and so many others.


  • I have advised to small businesses on how to build a cost-effective online marketing plan, increasing conversion rate in sales, reaching a positive ROI in paid media, improving their digital appearance, social marketing, SEO and enhancing their marketing strategy in zero cost budgets.


  • I’ve advised several startups on building on how to build Video advertisement department, affiliation program, building strong sales reps and how to optimize their sales funnel.


  • Here are courses, private lessons and certifications I’ve completed throughout the years: I have completed a day trading courses (I am still doing it in my spare time, I find it interesting and challenging), I have a real estate & commercial real estate broker certifications, sales, marketing, WordPress, SEO, investing, social network management, affiliate marketing, French, Spanish, guitar lessons (I still quite suck at this, hopefully, I will improve someday), coaching, and martial arts.


  • I have read over 400 books on just about everything. I have a privet collection of 500 books, and I keep adding new ones every month. (bookshelf picture)


  • I have served in the IAF for 4 years out of which 3 years in mandatory service. I was the senior instructor of avionics and helped to develop instructional materials for some of the most advanced helicopters in service. I have managed a staff of 5 soldiers and gained more than hounds of hours of teaching and standing in front of an audience. It helped me to overcome the phobia of public speaking.


  • American school, a private school for Test preparations (GRE, TOEFL) and learning English as a second language. I was national franchise manager and I’ve assisted directly to sell this establishment to a huge investor (for a lot of money), I’ve helped to open new branches across the country and single-handedly wrote a 350 page manual of what is “How to become an American school franchisee”


  • Help to developed an activity from scratch in Matomy(link) a public traded company. (what is it doing) from 0 to over 2.5M(!) in revenue in less than a 9 month. Reaching the highest sales goal of 5,500,000 USD in one year.
  • Working in Webpals, the diversity of the clients is infinite. Form leading ad tech companies (like SSP, DSPs, Ad exchanges, Ad networks) to major banks in North America. Building our sale offer from scratch and working through a blue ocean strategy.


On my spare time, I like to: read, go fishing, learn new skills, hit the gym, make cocktails, travel, photography, cooking, playing the guitar but above all else spending time with my lovely wife, time with my family and friends.

I welcome you to take your first step and start doing more for your life because nobody is going to do it for you.


Enjoy the ride.