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Hi there and thank you for reaching out. I help people and companies grow and achieve results.

Alex Lyhovez

I am an accomplished B2B sales & business development professional with over 8 years of experience in international high-tech companies. Credited with significantly impacting bottom-line profitability wherever I have worked, I excel at streamlining less-than-efficient procedures to boost productivity and sales.

Through a complex negotiation, strategic analysis and profound understanding of digital marketing, I had the pleasure of helping companies to overshoot their marketing plans and Sales revenue. My ability to analyze needs and create unique solutions designed to yield a profitable outcome has proven to be one of my greatest assets.

Notable achievements:

$ In 2016 I was ranked # 1 as the most the profitable salesperson and exceeded my annual targets by 25%, bringing $5.5M (!) in Sales.

$ Building a new sales & business development operation from scratch and reaching an 800,000 USD in revenue with less than 9 months.

$ Building Affiliation programs for new verticals to maximize the yield of the company’s web assets. (Among my clients: IT companies, Home Security, Online Banks, Apps, Video agencies, Identity theft services and more)

$ Publisher Development and building the sales process for a completely new initiative (video syndication product), reaching from 0 to over $1M (!) in less than a year.

$ Through extensive negotiation with Affiliates, Email Marketing optimization, Social Media and SEO improvements, the number of incoming leads has increased by over 250%! In less than 4 months.  

$ Researching and expanding to new markets, reaching notable success in revenue and market-share.

$ Proven track record of identifying, prospecting and complex negotiation methods to bring tier-1 advertisers and strategic clients.

$ Helping small companies and startups to grow and build their digital marketing strategy.

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“Most people think ‘selling’ is the same as ‘talking’. But the most effective salespeople know that listening is the most important part of their job.” – Roy Bartell


How can I help you (Business-wise):

We will work amazingly together and you will see immediate results if:

If you feel that your business is stuck and you would like to pump it with effective digital marketing strategy and online presence.

If you are looking for a comprehensive sales power to guide you or your team to achieve their revenue quota.

Are you looking to generate more leads through multiple media channels and convert them into sales?

Are you in a search for a killer sale methodology to increase closer rate OR develop the right USP for your potential clients?

Are you looking to build a new Line of business OR exploring a new vertical that you want to invest in? I am here to assist you with marketing, sales, competitor intelligence so you will have as much more refined information to make the best decision.

–>Then, by all means, feel free to drop me a line and I will get back to you to schedule a brief call to find out if I am the right fit for your goals. <–

How can I help you (Personal-growth):

I also welcome you to reach out if you wish to see results in your personal life: 

  • How to make an extra income from Blogging and making money online (I’ve tried most of the methods out there and I can share from my experience on what works and what is just a waste of your time). 
  • Personal and Career Development in sales or marketing
  • What will be the best way to approach B2B companies
  • How to build achievable life goals and leave your comfort zone. 

Work with Alex

A Short list of my clients:

Major Banks in North America, Credit Card companies, Software utilities, Apps, Fintech companies, Affiliate networks, Online tutoring, e-learning companies, Video Ad tech companies, and so many others.

Don’t be shy, I am looking forward to meeting you and learn more about how I can help you to grow your business and personal development goals.

email: alex[at]msimplex[dot]com

Skype: alex.lyhovez

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