Hi there! It’s great to see you and thank you very much for stopping by! I promise to do my best to help you get on the road again with a handful of great tips and life hacks in your traveling bag.

Before you continue reading this I must warn you, I don’t believe in secret “sauce” formulas, get rich schemes or “Here is a book/app/course that if you buy it, you will be super rich overnight”. If you believe in those fairy tales, then I’ll be honest, I don’t believe this blog is for you. However, if you are willing to take your chances and get off the comfort road of mediocrity to begin your journey of achievement and fulfillment, then yes, this will be the right place for you.

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This is a place for thinkers but mostly for doers. Alex Lyhovez

Who Will Benefit The Most From DoMore4YourLife?

Those who are fed up with all the overwhelming information out there and are looking for a cut to the chase attitude that will encourage and guide you from personal experience of what are the steps and actions that, if you choose to follow, will most likely have a significant effect over your life.

To be honest, I don’t believe in fairy tales of other proclaimed gurus telling you that if you “vigorously believe in your dream” then the universe will lay a path to fulfill your goals. If you think those things work, well let me stop you right there, you won’t hear those things here. I am a strong believer in actions. Only by taking our chances, doing proactive steps towards your dreams will you ever have a chance to achieve anything in your life.

Think about it this way, if you believe that you have a fit body but never hit the gym, will you ever see results? Or if you vividly persuade yourself that the love of your life in out there but you never approached anybody or took any steps of inviting her\him to your life, will you ever find it?

Why Did I Start this blog?

During my years working for some of the leading digital marketing corporations, I saw how much our web is cluttered with so many false information and fake gurus that cares mostly about their money without offering any genuine added value. Even those who are worth our time, generally talk more about some theoretical concepts rather than teaching us some practical ways to become more proactive and start taking action towards success. Now don’t get me wrong here, there are wonderful bloggers out there that are truly inspirational and can offer us with an interesting perspective about a life of achievement and personal growth, but sadly they are very scarce and so hard to find. Here is where I want this blog to be different, I want that this blog will offer some practical life hacks and encourage you to get out there and start doing. Because only by taking action, you can achieve anything you want in your life.

The creation process of the written word and my passion for helping others made me realize what would be the best way for me to pursue my passion and refine all the knowledge I’ve accumulated throughout years of reading and practicing all that I’ve learned. You can bet that all the tips and insights that I am about to share here have been developed through extensive research and are all being tested by me or by the people in my close surrounding. I will never suggest, write OR recommend anything I haven’t tried on myself or I can’t put my reputation on it(!) That is a promise.

Why you should listen to me?

I’ve had a passion for writing, reading, personal growth, digital marketing, business development and sales for as long as I can remember. Here I will share the life shortcuts that I’ve learned throughout my years working for leading companies, advising multiple startups and small businesses as well as helping individuals to become a better version of themselves and achieve their goals. You will learn about the mindset that has helped me to reach tens of millions of dollars in sales revenue. I will talk about personal development and inspiration for taking action that made an enormous impact on my life. I will share what I’ve learned from being a leading sale professional and how it helped me to become a better communicator and a better listener.

I’ve read more books about personal development, motivation, time management that I can count, any topics covering from self-awareness, developing strong habits, NLP, achieving success, growing rich, better relationship and what not. I promise to do my best to refine this knowledge and share what really works with my readers.

What Is The Vision For This Blog?

I see how this blog becomes a marketplace of ideas. A brainstorming arena where ambitious and self-motivated people like yourself who wish to DO more and achieve more in their lives. This will be your place, where smart folks like yourself will enjoy a great and inspiring content on how to do more, talk less and become a better person today than you were yesterday.

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse”

My hope is that you will enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it. Besides the ideas, tips and life hacks I will share with you, this site will, hopefully above all else, encourage you to take action.

This is a place for thinkers but mostly for doers.

Ship, boat, Domore4yourlife.
Let’s Start Doing More!
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Hi, my name is Alex Lyhovez. I am a marketing and business development professional, blogger, an online entrepreneur and an avid autodidact. I help ad-tech companies and startups in achieving their digital marketing strategy goals through extensive sales power and a lot of "outside of the box" thinking. Feel free to reach out and explore how we can work together.

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