I had a very negative experience with toxic people in my life. Unfortunately, it took me too long to realize their true motives and that they don’t really care about me. Yes, I was lucky enough to push them out of my life before they could do any harm, however, the only thing I regret is not avoiding them in the first place. Learn from my mistakes and avoid those type of people if you want to follow your dreams.

Toxic people are a type people that will try to take their lion’s share over your life and will try to dominate you in achieving their goals. They just don’t really care about you as they are unable of thinking about anyone else rather than themselves. Encounters with them will leave you emotionally drained out and often feeling frustrated and unfulfilled, if not angry.

If you are like me, making your own way in living a life of achievement and pursuing your goals, then I highly recommend you to avoid those 5 types of people as they will not only have a negative effect on your life but also they will try to block your creativity and motivation.

The Envious

There is nothing wrong in feeling a bit of envy in other people’s success. I guess this may be even a fundamental part of being a human. Even the old story of Kine and Hable tells about a brother who is envy for God’s attention and prestige. We all want what we don’t have. It can be a bigger house, a higher status, more money or more of everything that is not within our reach.

However, there is a fine line between having those feelings and doing something about it. Envious people are always feeling like a victim and most often talk about other people’s success in terms of sheer luck, coincidence or just being served everything of a silver platter. They will never ask themselves questions like” What they had to do or learn to achieve what they have? What was the price it took them to get where they are right now?” For the envious type of people, their neighbor’s grass is always greener, and if by any chance something good happens to them, they will not drive any satisfaction from it.
Spending too much time around envious people will diminish your sense of accomplishments as they teach you to trivialize everything you will ever achieve and anything good that will happen to you.

It seems that they are unable of thinking about anyone else rather than themselves. They are not caring, supportive, or interested in what’s important to you. In fact, the good things that happen to you move the attention away from them and prevent them from focusing on their own goals.

Negative People

I think we all have a general picture of a negative person. They just suck the life and joy of everyone they encounter. Their viewpoint is always a glass half empty and they victimize themselves out of every situation in life.

Avoid negative people at all cost.

Once you spot them you will see that quite often their negativity is being rationalized as being logical. They will find flows in every step of the way and will try to convince you to stay in your comfort zone. Be careful as negativity is contagious, it takes only one seed of doubt to crack in the shall of your self-confidence and the longer you will get exposed to negative people the deeper the self-doubt will be.


Don’t get me started here, I have a full bag towards these type of people. Judgmental people will always try to impose their self-righteousness by making you feel stupid or unworthy. Most of the judgmental people have never done anything ambitious or maybe even tried to get out of their comfort zone once or twice, however they are perfectly playing the role of “if they didn’t a success then nobody else can!”. They will tell you all that is wrong with your idea, or why you should listen to them (You will see that usually, their advice comes from unsuccess or lack of action. Ironically, they never did anything extraordinary to get out from their comfort zone but still, they have boatloads of advice for you).

Be on the lookout my friend, as those people might kill your dream as soon as you will say it out loud, without checking whether if there is a potential or not. Instead of keeping an open mind to new ideas and learning from others, judgemental people look down on others and suppress any fresh bud of a new idea.

People Who Lie To You

Much of our success if lives depend on how well we get along with other people, however, what do you think will happen if can’t trust anyone because they keep lying to you? Honesty is supposed to be one of the key components of integrity and if you can’t trust their words, be sure that you can’t trust their deeds and intentions as well. Surrounding yourself with untrustworthy people will have a negative outcome on your life and who knows, maybe even will affect you.

Avoid people who lie to you.

“Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it!”

People Who Don’t Support You

We all need kind words of support and feeling that someone cares about us. I try to surround myself with people that I cherish their advice and opinion. Whether they are good listeners or can offer the sort of “tough love” when I need it the most.
Supportive people accept you for who you are, with your strengths and limitations and won’t make you feel bad about your choices in life. But here is another way to look at this, if you wish to be surrounded by supportive people, you should ask yourself what kind of support do you offer to the people in your life? Don’t forget, this is a two-way street. Remember that the best way to have the support that you need is to also be supportive of other people. It’s a matter of putting out the energy that you most want to attract.

“Successful people build each other up. They motivate, inspire and push each other up. Unsuccessful people just hate, blame and complain. “

Don’t let non supportive people stand in your way of achieving your dreams.

You may not be able to completely control who you encounter by in your life and it’s not easy to deal with toxic people until you actually have learned from previous interactions. I totally understand and can relate to the fact that many relationships are more difficult to terminate than others because it’s not so easy to close the door and say goodbye, especially if you have feelings towards that person. But the bottom line is that if you feel bad about yourself, as a result of this relationship, it’s time for you to sit down and do a reality check. These people may be unlikely to change, but you definitely can. Make a decision to limit your time with them or end the relationship if possible and you will see a positive outcome almost immediately.

It’s amazing how quickly things can turn around when you remove toxic people from your life.

Robert Tew

Feel free to share in the comments below your experience with toxic people and if you think there are other toxic people that should be on the list as well.

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Till next time, yours truly, Alex Lyhovez.

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